Jenny & May Morris: A Family Tradition of Craft

The two children of William and Jane Morris, Jane Alice (known as Jenny) and Mary (known as May) were born little over a year apart from one another; Jenny on the 17 January 1861, and May on the 25 March 1862. Both were born at Red House in Bexleyheath, where they would spend the first […]

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Hammersmith Rugs

Morris was a collector of historical carpets from the East and his appreciation for the fine craft inspired him to hang an enormous Persian rug like a canopy across the ceiling of his dining room at Kelmscott House. From the mid 1870’s onwards, in an attempt to revive the art in Britain, Morris designed his […]

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The Significance of the Kelmscott Press: the Future as Now

The Kelmscott Press (1890 – 1897) was Morris’s last creative endeavour. It was an exercise in the best quality of book design and manufacture irrespective of cost. The creative craft capacity of those contributing was maximised in an age of cheap mass poorly produced consumer goods and books. The Kelmscott Press books featured type design […]

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William Morris & Jasmine Wallpaper

Pete Floud, in The Wallpaper Designs of William Morris, places William Morris’s early wallpapers in the context of the rather exuberant designs of the 1840’s having given way to changes inspired A W N Pugin and Owen Jones, who developed more formal designs with flowers, birds and trees represented in conventionalised forms in flat looking patterns. Morris’s […]

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